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Monday, August 21, 2006

A scary picture. It was part of an e-mail I received. Not the most flattering photo of this person. Vaguely looks like my mother. A younger version of my mother or an older version of my sister. In defense of both my mother and sister, neither of them would send an unflattering photo as part of a testimonial. Neither of them wear that much make-up and no longer use excessive hair product. And they don't have any weird growths coming out of their necks (at least they didn't last time I saw them). The more I look at this picture more unlike my mother and sister this woman becomes.

The photo is from My Points. I do remember how the woman in this photo redeemed her points. The photo blotted it out from my mind and all I wanted was my lousy 5 points for reading the e-mail.

The photo looks like a mug shot. Maybe My Points has the same photo filters as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Watched the Roast of William Shatner last night. Boy, George Takei took a lot of hits. He dished it out quite well. He really stepped out of character to deliver those lines. I might purchase the uncensored DVD. I tried to catch some of the exclusives on Mother Load but the interface was a bit frustrating and I could not play the videos I wanted.

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