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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I can learn from constructive criticism. Since the skulls have served their purpose as filler art, I removed them. Now, things are 2% less painful.

I wonder if the dead baby lady learned anything from her experience?

I hope Extermantus Now creators enjoy the traffic. I read it and did not get it. I'm losing my nerdiness.

Damn annoying that they draw better than I do. If all the cartoons that are drawn better than mine were removed from the internet all that would be left would be my cartoon and those damn sprite based web comics.

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Rain said...

Oh I dunno, I did not think your Skulls were nonsensical, but then I am fond of the abstract and seeming incomprehensible, as I enjoy being made to think, seeing as how thinking is a favourite pastime of mine...

As for if you draw well or poorly, well that is all in the eye of the beholder, but imho, you draw well and your unique style works. However, I freely confess to knowing nothing about anything, so who knows what my opinion is worth, hmmm?