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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Two of the ads in rotation for Google are Art Clip Mormon (, a site devoted to finding Mormon singles - keyword abuse maybe?) and Get Pregnant Easily ( How to conceive naturally & quickly even if you've "tried everything")

I object to the first one because of the use of irrelevant keywords. A Mormon singles service has nothing to do with clip art. The Mormons that I have encountered would not do this kind of thing. I'm willing to give the benefit of a doubt and assume that a non-Mormon wrote the ad. Don't click on the ad unless you are looking to hook up with a single Mormon. They are generally nice people and very hard working. If you are looking for clip art - check out my links on the right. You will have to scroll. Scroll, baby, scroll!!

The second one is a bit ironic since it appears on the website which is owned by someone who has had her tubes tied. Voluntary sterilization. The sixth anniversary of my non-fertility is coming up soon.

I'm afraid to click on the ad. The whole thing could be a joke. There really is only one way to conceive naturally - ask a married Mormon - they are quite good at it. If you have "tried everything", including old-fashioned unprotected sex, and still don't become pregnant perhaps God, spirit, karma or biology is trying to tell you something. Listen and learn.

Since Google Ads works off of keywords, I will attempt to alter the ads that appear on my site.
Voluntary Sterilization, Tubal Ligation, Vasectomy, Birth Control, Abortion, Adoption, Population Control, Family Planning, Planned Parenthood, Sex Education, Permanent Sterilization, Smurfs, Unicorns, Unitarian-Universalist

I threw Smurfs and Unicorns in there for fun.

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Lisa said...

Wooo hooo! Smurfs and Unicorns - you go girl. Once again you have lightened my morning. But don't get me started on Mormons... lets just say I have some rather interesting experiences with that "church" - singles as well as marrieds - and it's enough to write a horror movie on. I find it interesting the incongruity of the ad links - but deception is what they excel at.

Thanks again!
"Sidhe who must be obeyed..."