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Saturday, March 25, 2006

This week I ran 12.42 miles, burned 1,726.9 calories and weigh 162.2 pounds. On Wednesday I ran 5K in 48:40.

My friend got married. It was a nice ceremony and he was smiling through it.

We bought the wedding present at 11:15 am - the wedding was at 2:00 pm. Walter and I got their gift registry from Target. We found a paper towel holder on the list. We went to the aisle which the holder was supposed to be located. We found one that was the same price and brand as the one on the list. It was big, heavy and stainless steel. It also looked like a sex toy.

This is what we bought:

The stopper bar on the thing is spring loaded to adjust to the size of the paper towel roll.

We took it to the check out and found out that it was not the right one. Too late. So we had a gift reciept printed out and put that in the bag in case our friends want to take it back. We also put a roll of paper towels on the holder to kind of disguise the uh, dildoness?

I'm sure the happy couple will have a nice laugh when they run out of paper towels.

The thing must of have been on sale at the brick and mortar Target.

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