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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No such thing as bad publicity, I guess. A Perfect World was's Awful Link of the Day for March 8. Tripled my usual amount of visitors. Ipower's servers can handle the traffic.

I spend an hour making some cartoons with clip art in order to buy some time for my drawing and then post the clip art cartoons for about a month while I catch up and then the traffic shows up. Should have been late. Damn, my self-discipline.

My drawings aren't the best and my gags can be lame but is it really awful enough to be on par with dressed up miscarriages, fat people pajama parties, sneezing fetish and church website ratings?

Thanks for the traffic and yes, my plan to destroy the world one cartoon at a time is working.



Anonymous said...

I came here from SA, and I think you're brilliant. Haha.

Anonymous said...

your site is comparatively not awful. what a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Though I dislike your comic, I must commend you with taking it so well. That unborn baby link, for example, flared up into a flame war that eventually spawned the phrase, "Your poison womb is making heaven crowded". Compared to that, you're certainly taking it in your stride.

Anonymous said...

None of those comics were funny, especially the ones using google-image-searched clipart skulls saying those horribly unoriginal t-shirt one-liners. Wow.

Anonymous said...

The skulls are definately lame and break up the flow of the comic. Otherwise I will admit I had a few chuckles.