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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

For fun I did a self Google search.

Not only am I a cartoonist and very funny person but I'm also an illustrator of evangelical Christian children's books, a former Melbourne High School classmate, the mother of Miss Lousiana (2005), appointed by a probate court as something, bought a partnership home in 1997, a member of the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce, Social Studies teacher, a Southern woman who loves to read, barrel racer, Blood Drive coordinator, employee of Coppell ISD, a runner based in Vermont, employee of Radian International, member of a transportation board, very dear friend of the late Margaret Loretta DeWoody, part-time kindergarten teacher, died in Allegheny County Pennsylvania, and co-author of Surface-Coating-Free Materials Workshop Summary Report.

That was just the first 20 pages. The things I learned about myself through Google.

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