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Monday, July 03, 2006

I took Loki to Lake Bryan. We walked about 7 miles.

I let Loki off leash to play in the water. He has pretty good recall.

He displayed an interest in things beyond his immediate surroundings. I found that behavior unusual in a dog. He watched a heron landing 100 yards away and watched a boat pulling a tube.
Loki likes to lay in the water with his nose just above the surface.

Right now he is sleeping and dreaming.

Our Lake Bryan expedition was cut short by a bone headed act. I left my planner on top of my car. I drove off. Someone found it an flagged down a police officer. The police called me while I was in the middle of the woods. I headed back after the police called. An officer brought my planner to my house. Everything was still in it. The police used my fishing license to find my phone number.

I was so intent on loading Loki into the car that I forget to get my planner off the roof. Thank God for luck and honorable people.

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