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Sunday, July 02, 2006

This week I ran 14.76 miles, burned 1,709.7 calories and weigh 166.5 pounds.

Monday ran 4.72 miles in 1:05:00
Sunday ran 10.04 miles in 1:59:00
According to I ran Sunday at a 11:51 min./mile or 5.06 mph. It has been unusually cool this past week. 10 degrees makes quite a difference. The amount of time off from running might have helped as well. Allowed my body to fully recover.

I had a couple of church related meetings on the days that I normally run.

The meetings this weekend were especially productive. The Prairie Star District has a fantastic Ministerial Settlement Representative and I'm glad she chose to make her services available to my church, even though it is outside her district.

I'm feeling the full weight of responsibility of Board President.

I have the day off tomorrow. I think I will take Loki to the Lake Bryan Trails and hike them. Get a feel for what awaits me in September. I've turned in my entry form for the 50K.

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