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Monday, February 19, 2007

Whoa! The comics page is loosening up. In another 100 years, if newspapers are still around we might see words like shit and ass. Now, I want to figure out how to work "...big poopy butt man!" into a conversation. That would tax my intellectual resources. The challenging part will be the ellipses. I don't think Victor Borge covered the pronunciation of that bit of punctuation unless it's three period sounds in succession.

Old joke but still funny. It would work better if panels four and five were switched (I'm not counting the title panel). Just my opinion.

Oh, Mary Worth, so old but yet so far behind in human development. Most people understand at a much earlier age that humans are fundamentally the same. Yes, even though the children of Peace Village are deformed and Asian they laugh, play, hope and dream just like the non-deformed, non-Asian children of the United States. This understanding is one of the components of empathy. Empathy is a fundamental component of humanity. Non-evil humanity.

Robotically quoting philosophers does not disguise the evil in your black heart, Mary Worth. You can talk but can you empathize?

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