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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Walked 11,435 steps.

I ran 5 miles in under 50 minutes.

I went to the College of Engineering's premier of their new recruiting materials. Very impressive. Amazing what can be accomplished with a decent budget, a dedicated staff and a committed dean.

I read an article about family and personal mission statements. What a ridiculous thing to adopt from corporate culture.

What next? Family slogans? The Causey family - Quality is our middle name. Causey: we are better than you, deal with it. BeCausey we can!

Perhaps I can work up a logo.

I had to review a fair number of resumes recently. Most of them did not include an objective but those that did provided for some unintentional comedy. How to say nothing in 15 words or less.

I'm tempted to add this objective statement to my resume:
To earn as much money as possible in exchange for as little work as possible.

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