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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Exercise Log: July 7 - July 12

This week I biked, ran and rowed 20.05 miles, burned 1817.3 calories and weigh 145.9 pounds.

Monday: rowed 1.35 miles in 10:00
Tuesday: ran 3.45 miles in 35:00
Wednesday: biked 4.13 miles in 17:48
Thursday: ran 3.18 miles in 35:00
Friday: rowed 1.92 miles in 15:00
Saturday: ran 6.02 miles in 65:00

I signed up to participate in the Gold's Gym Games It is six different events over 6 days.
Aug. 11 - Push Up; Aug. 12 - Pull Up; Aug. 13 - Sit Up; Aug. 18 - Jump Rope; Aug. 19 - Leg Press; Aug. 20 - Bench Press. I will be training for this on my strength training days for the next month.

I can do 4 out of the 6 events pretty well. I can work up to 50% body weight on the Bench Press but I've never done an unassisted Pull Up. I've have asked for some advice on how to work up to one Pull Up on a fitness forum. I will try the suggestions as well as just working the move. I have to remember to concentrate on using the back muscles more than the arms.

Only one other person has signed up at the Bryan Gold's and she will be competing in the same category (women under 40). I plan on doing my best and having fun with this.

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