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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I went

Eagle photo/Stuart Villanueva

I went to the vigil at church last night. The connections to Knoxville are a lot closer than I knew. More details about that can be found at the Eagle: (sorry about the cut and paste, hyperlinking does not seem to work with articles)

The vigil also made the 10:00 news:

In the video I'm in the background holding up a cell phone to take pictures. The Knoxville church requested pictures from vigils. The video also included a close up of Judy's eyes. I recognized her eyes. Judy and Clint had been members of the TVUUC back in the 1950's. I wish her whole face had been filmed. Judy might not find the prospect of a tight close up of her face broadcast on television very appealing but I think it is one of the most beautiful faces I've encountered. The face of an 80+ year old woman. Something beautiful shines through the smile, wrinkles and eyes. I hope people caught a glimpse of that beauty in the video.

One of the youth sang, "Tomorrow", a song that I would normally cause me to wretch, so well that it was difficult to hold back applause. The appropriateness of it suppressed my normal gag reflex and mental shut down brought on by too many bad renditions forced upon my ear drums. I really heard the song, understood the lyrics and the message of the song.

I did not think about the sliding glass doors. I realized that I hadn't thought of the doors halfway through the service. This ties in with a book I've been reading, "Stumbling into Happiness" The book was one of several given to the Sangha after Ann passed away. It talks about the wide divergence between what is constructed in the mind in anticipation of an event and how the event actually unfolds. I felt none of the anxiety that I had anticipated.

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