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Monday, July 14, 2008


The look on Mary Worth's face is icon/avatar worthy and scary. Hopefully, Jeff has invited her over in order to trap her. The sound of her voice has weakened him, can he handle her full presence? Can Dr. Sansabelt handle that 1980's Ocean Pacific tee?

We bought a canoe yesterday and took it out on Lake Bryan. I enjoyed paddling with Walter. I'm glad he has found something active that we can do together. He found some paddling trails on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. Both of us need to get in better paddling shape before tackling the trails.

Google maps is a great thing for scouting out the water way before setting off.

We will try a trip with Loki in the canoe to see how he likes it. He does enjoy laying in water and he likes going on trips with us.

I need to work on my paddling technique.

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