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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Exercise Log: June 30 - July 5

This week I ran, biked and rowed 20.82 miles, burned 1572.1 calories and weigh 146.3 pounds.

Monday: biked 3.87 miles in 18:13
Tuesday: ran 3.40 miles in 35:00
Wednesday: rowed 1.26 miles in 10:00
Thursday: ran 3.12 miles in 35:00
Friday: biked 4.85 miles in 23:59
Saturday: ran 4.32 miles in 52:55

Today, I took advantage of the decent temperatures this morning and ran outside. I ran on a nature trail that the city has placed signs on but not done much else. Flattened grass served as the only indication of the trail. The trail I ran does appear on satellite images so the city did a better job maintaining this trail at some point. There is still a dead tree blocking part of the trail. The police department recently purchased an armored vehicle for the SWAT Team. I guess that's where the chainsaw money went. I had a bit of an adventure climbing over the dead tree. The sign indicating an old tree that lived under all six flags of Texas had been repaired. (The six flags are Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy and the United States).

I blazed a trail, got muddy, climbed over a dead tree, crawled under a gate and had a good run.

We own a chainsaw but I'm not sure how people would react to seeing a non-city worker walking into the woods with a chainsaw.

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Anonymous said...

Think of as a wakefulness drill. How else could you answer the question, "Who in the neighborhood is paying attention to people gadding about with chainsaws?"