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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Exercise Log: July 21 - 26

This week I ran, paddled, rowed and biked 24.8 miles, burned 2308.1 calories and weigh 146 pounds.

Monday: paddled 4.44 miles in 1:47:01; ran 2.76 miles in 30:00
Tuesday: rowed 1.3 miles in 10:00
Wednesday: ran 5.29 miles in 1:02:00
Thursday: biked 3.08 miles in 13:19
Friday: rowed 1.84 miles in 15:00
Saturday: ran 6.09 miles in 1:14:20

Training for Gold's Gym Games:
Tuesday: 14 Push Ups; 9 Assisted Pull Ups @ 140 pounds; 6 Pull Downs @ 80 pounds; 17 Leaning Pull Ups on Smith Machine; 41 Sit Ups; 2 minutes Jump Rope; 23 Leg Press @ 160 pounds; 13 Bench Press @ 55 pounds

Thursday: 15 Push Ups; 10 Assisted Pull Ups @ 140 pounds; 8 Pull Downs @ 80 pounds; 20 Leaning Pull Ups on Smith Machine; 51 Sit Ups; 2 minutes Jump Rope; 25 Leg Press @ 160 pounds; 10 Bench Press @ 60 pounds

Friday: 12 Push Ups; 12 Assisted Pull Ups @ 140 pounds; 7 Pull Downs @ 80 pounds; 16 Leaning Pull Ups on Smith Machine; 37 Sit Ups; 2 minutes Jump Rope; 24 Leg Press @ 160 pounds; 8 Bench Press @ 65 pounds

I deviated from the plan listed last week because I started training for the Harbor Half Marathon in Corpus Christi. The race is October 19.

I'm using a training plan from Runner's World. One inputs a time from a race, then distance to train for, then training intensity, weeks to train and how many miles currently training. I inputted my Run Thru the Vines 5K time. The paces that were generated seem really slow (I've been doing quite of bit of intervals and acceleration but for only 30 minutes; the Wednesday tempo pace was not difficult) but starting off too fast got to me in San Antonio and the Armadillo Dash. I will try my best to stick to the paces on the training plan and maybe I can get through the Harbor Half without sputtering the last 4 miles.

I need to wake up early to run on Saturdays. I did this first long run on the treadmill and worried more about making 6 miles in the alloted time rather than staying on pace. The gym is never crowded on Saturday so I could split up my run but I do need some road time. I can always take a nap after an early Saturday morning run.

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