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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cool Alex Toth Drawings...

and a single panel of Mary Worth. I love that Terry Bryson points toward the window when she warns Toby. Phishing to agoraphobia maybe?
I found these drawings via Drawn! They are Alex Toth design sketches. Alex Toth the man responsible for some of my childhood and Adult Swim. He designed Jonny Quest, Birdman, Space Ghost, Mightor, Herculoids, Super Friends, Josie and the Pussy Cats and other "oh my god that was real and not some fever dream I had as a kid" cartoons.
Alex Toth has a bit of fun with Race Bannon and a gas mask. I want to make this an icon.
From Sealab 2020: Holy crap! Look at all those gauges and screens! That level of detail would have blown Hanna-Barbera's animation budget.
I think Roger had some lines in Sealab 2021. I like the close up drawing of the cassette tape player.

More drawings can be found at

One of the presentation drawings screams 1970's. Hanna-Barbera pitched a cartoon about a bionic police dog! I wonder if that one actually made it to air?

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