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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exercise Log: September 15 - 20

This week I ran and biked 23.36 miles, burned 2386.7 calories and weigh 147.3 pounds.

Monday: ran 5.42 miles in 1:01:34
Tuesday: biked 3.15 miles in 13:48
Wednesday: ran 4.48 miles in 48:41
Thursday: ran 4.60 miles in 50:19
Saturday: ran 5.71 miles in 1:05:00

Last two weeks I've skipped my Friday workout. Two weeks ago, I spent Friday preparing for Hurricane Ike and yesterday I went grocery shopping with Walter and intended to do some exercise when we got home. Instead I watched two hours of Star Trek: Voyager. Lately, on the Friday evenings that I have worked out I really had to push myself to go to the gym. Maybe a bit of boredom has set in or my body is signaling that I need more rest.

I might skip gym on Friday evenings and walk the dog instead. I have long runs the next three Saturdays in preparation for the Harbor Half Marathon.

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