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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I give up

Today is my mother's birthday and this cartoon appeared in today's online Houston Chronicle. My mother does not own dogs or roller skates. I found it humorous because of the lady's name and the silliness.

Leroy you are a clever one but Loretta will not appreciate it.

I give up following the background art in Mary Worth even though it is more interesting than this plot.

Terry Bryson slowly realizes that she is speaking to a child in a woman's body. I love Toby's petulant pose. Looks like some more icon material.

Foam, pillows and duct tape.

Listening to my Julie London channel on Pandora wondering how many versions of "Hello Dolly" I will hear today.

I have gained greater peace of mind when I have given up the need to be right about minor things.

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