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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New record!

Mary Worth has been Mary Worthless for 33 days in a row. A new record.

One of my gag writing techniques is to write down a bit of a conversation and then depict only the last statement. I think this is funny because I know the whole conversation but the reader is left wondering what lead up to this moment. The whole conversation is usually quite absurd. Yes, I have some weird conversations play out in my head. None of this weirdness happens under the influence of mind altering substances.
Single panel comics that depict only a slice of a larger story are my favorite kind of gags. These work best when done sparingly. If I had weird conversations playing out in my head on a daily basis, I would question my sanity.
I think name Ethel is an inherently funny name. Couple that with the silliness of naming body parts (after a famous Ethel, no less) and sharing that information with another person, the result is Linda laughing out loud and unable to adequately explain what is so funny to those around her.
Answering, "Nothing" to the question, "What is so funny?" really means you don't want to know and would only lead to more questions that I cannot answer.
I don't know how these absurd thoughts end up in my head but I appreciate the gift.

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