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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Exercise Log: August 24 - 30

This week I canoed, ran and biked 27.48 miles, burned 2492.1 calories and weigh 149.9 pounds.

Sunday: canoed .5 mile
Monday: ran 2.15 miles in 24:14
Tuesday: biked 2.96 miles in 13:53
Wednesday: ran 1.14 miles in 15:00 and 6.08 miles in 1:05:00
Thursday: ran 2.01 miles in 24:37
Friday: biked 4.02 miles in 18:46
Saturday: ran 8.62 miles in 1:43:52

My canoe experience was short because Loki accompanied us. A half mile was all he could handle his first time out so I took him out of the canoe and walked with him while Walter paddled some more. I let him go off leash in the swimming area and he had a good time splashing in the water and chasing turkey buzzards.

I bought a life jacket for him for our next trip. Hopefully, he can last a bit longer in the canoe and maybe learn to swim.

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