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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The nightmare at the Bank of Santa Royale begins

I love psychotic Ruthie.
Thus begins the nightmare of a customer service representative at the Bank of Santa Royale.

Toby, you might want to light a match and lay off the spicy food. Maybe turn the AC down a bit as well.


I subscribe to a blog called Art Deadlines List. Description: Art contests & competitions, art jobs & internships, art scholarships & grants & fellowships, art festivals, call for entries/proposals/projects, and other opportunities in all disciplines, for art students, art teachers, and artists of all ages.

From time to time I tag an entry as "keep new" in Bloglines intending to follow up or submit something for a particular show. The deadline always passes and I never submit anything. My cartooning, life and other things end up filling up my time. I've not created other art in over a year.

I tagged this as keep new:

Side Show! Freak Show! Creep Show! We've all heard the terms. What does this mean to you? What comes to mind? What do YOU consider a 'Freak of Nature'? What constitutes this label? This is an open call to artists of all mediums to challenge themselves to respond to the title of this show. Who can participate: Anyone in the world, all artists welcome, all mediums. No entry fee. Contact: GM (Deadline is October 15)

The bold question really intrigues me. In response I want submit a portrait of Ann Coulter. So much ugliness in a somewhat attractive package. What a freak of nature.

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