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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Starting Early

Starting them early on the path of drinking while driving. Britney Spears shops at the Bryan HEB. Natural Light. Yes, I'm an elitist when it comes to beer and littering.

Has Joe Giella ever seen anyone operate a keyboard? Is Toby using her elbow to press the space bar to complete her transaction or pushing F10? I tried operating my keyboard like Toby and only got as far as, "I tr". This better lead to something - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a Nigerian e-mail scam (it would be funny if Toby were a scam baiter), enlargement spam, lies about Barak Obama followed by a futile e-mail advising the original sender to bookmark and read (for the 5,000th time!). At this point, I'm open to just about anything.

Well played Karen Moy. Break me down with boredom and then introduce something that under normal circumstances would seem mundane but after weeks of witnessing the mundane daily activities and thoughts of Toby Cameron two panels at a time becomes a welcome respite. Do you work at Guantanamo Bay?

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