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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 Days

I have revived the Mary Worth watch. 20 days since Mary Worth appeared in her own comic strip. It should take another 11 days for Toby to pay her credit card bill. Today: filling in the fields on the check; tomorrow: signing check; next day: finding envelope (because Toby's credit card issuer does not provide envelopes); day 4: finding stamp; day 5: putting statement and check into envelope; day 6: sealing envelope; day 7: affixing stamp; day 8: addressing envelope (Santa Royale does not have those fancy window envelopes); day 9: standing up; day 10: head out door; day 11: see Mary Worth on way to mailbox.

If this storyline continues to move at its current pace then Mary Worth should set a new record for absence from her own comic strip.

I would like Mary Worth, Style Mavin attempt to recreate Toby's purple chitinous plate blouse.

On my Leg Press I did 31 reps @ 155 pounds.

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Mollie said...

One of those days would be Sunday, right? So I think you get another day, because Monday would just repeat what was done on Sunday, for the sake of those who don't see the weekend strip. (Maybe "finding envelope... thinking out loud about having found envelope.") We don't want anyone to miss a single exciting second!