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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are not bonding

I've been on the receiving end of these kinds of conversations way too often. Mostly with women to whom I cannot tell to shut up without dealing with a lot of drama. If one utters out loud the words, "blah blah blah" several times in the course of a conversation that should indicate that one really has nothing to say. Conversation is the wrong word because that implies the involvement of at least two people. What is the word for one person talking and another person sitting there suffering through the sounds being jammed into their ears and their brain cells killing themselves to escape the pain?

I'm not sure if it's worth suffering just for some bit of kindness.
The species is cockatiel self-image. The bird's actual size is about 10 inches but in its mind its size is 10 feet. Rare for it to appear outdoors.
We have background continuity but not foreground continuity. It should take Terry Bryson another week to help Toby make the connection. Try percussive stimulation, Terry.
I love Earl the vacuum cleaner boy.
Why does Sally feel compelled to force Ted to try to make friends at the office? He should be on good terms, cooperative and helpful but friendship is not necessary especially if he has nothing in common with his co-workers. I wonder if Sally would push this if Ted worked in an office mostly populated by women?

I like my co-workers but I would not spend my own time with them. Forced socialization would make a bad work environment for me.

Says and goes are not synonyms. Lately, that mistake has really bothered me. I try to ignore it and I do not say anything to those who make it. In the larger scheme of things this should hardly rate a flicker of a thought. I considerate it an indication of current state of my life. I have time for this kind of thing to bother me therefore life is good.

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