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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I find the anthropomorphic piggy bank disturbing on several levels.

I took Loki to the vet for his annual check up. He received a clean bill of health and he is not overweight. 79.3 pounds. He will have to come back to the vet to receive a lepto booster. Apparently, lepto has made an appearance in Brazos County. It is a disease that dogs get from drinking stagnant water or eating things that squirrels have urinated on. I need to follow the advice of Mary Worth and EDUCATE MYSELF about lepto.
I'm fighting what I think is a minor UTI. I had to make two extra stops, one on the way to the vet and one on the way home. I drank four cups of cranberry juice. That stuff has more calories than Coke! 140 calories per serving and the two bottles had two servings. I also took some pills that provide relief and turns my urine into a shocking shade of orange.
Thanks to the cranberry juice I will go over my daily recommended amount of calories (1,980 - 2,330). That does not bother me. I hope my body made good use of all that cranberry juice.
I added the title after I realized the direction that this post was going.
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