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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This day in history

On January 13th, 1854, Anthony Faas patented the accordion.

When the Mayan Calendar ends all accordions, knowledge of accordions and accordion music will vanish from the universe ushering an era of peace and prosperity. Not at all the cataclysm predicted by many.

On an unrelated note:

Some UU bloggers have asked what Unitarian Universalism can offer. Agnes' friend has a good set of suggestions:

  1. Teach me to be useful
  2. Teach me how to laugh with true joy
  3. Teach me how to make a really good pie


Robin Edgar said...

Within the context of the U*U World at least, shouldn't that be teach me how to be U*Useful Toonhead? ;-)

ROTFLMU*UO yet again!

Robin Edgar said...

Here's a lesson for U*Us on how *not* to make a "less than really good" pie-in-the-sky.