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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sometimes God is puzzled and horrified

Cool retro style artwork on Dorian Grey.

Very disturbing.
Odd question in the first panel. What book is the mother holding?
Cow has the best punchlines.
Barney Google finally makes an appearance in someone else's comic strip. I saved this one a couple of weeks ago meaning to post it sooner.


Robin Edgar said...

I've got to admit that that Tin Man Oil Change cartoon brings Rev. Victoria Weinstein's "sodomy fantasy" to kind. What's more disturbing than clergy misconduct, sexual misconduct or otherwise? How about UUA President Bill Sinkford and other UUA administrators doing nothing or next to nothing to provide restorative justice to victims of clergy misconduct.

I have posted a "less than diplomatic" rough draft of my open letter to UUA President Bill Sinkford calling upon him to live up to his own religious rhetoric and "choose love" for any and all victims of all forms of U*U clergy misconduct, sexual misconduct and otherwise. I am interested in suggestions for saying pretty much the same thing somewhat more diplomatically but not *too* diplomatically. U*Us and even non-U*Us are invited to make suggestions for improvements by commenting on the blog post itself or sending me a private and confidential email at -

Robin Edgar said...

kind should read mind