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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Exercise Log: January 4 - 10

This week I walked, ran and cycled 36.36 miles, burned 3541.1 calories and weigh 144.1 pounds.

Running and cycling:
Monday: ran 3.25 miles in 35:00
Tuesday: cycled 5.92 miles in 27:00
Wednesday: ran 5.35 miles in 57:01
Saturday: ran 6.30 miles in 1:05:54

Push ups:
January 4 - exhaustion test: 35
January 6 - max: 27, 103 total
January 8 - max: 30, 105 total

January 4 - initial test: 75
January 6 - max: 33, 123 total
January 8 - max: 41, 155 total

I will do the third set of push ups and crunches on Sunday.

I have entered the 3rd Annual Armadillo Dash Half Marathon (March 1) and the Big D Texas Marathon (April 5). I'm training for Big D and will run Armadillo as one of my long runs. I will have moved into a different age group by April 5. I will make the transition on February 21 so I will also run Armadillo in my new age group.

Surprised that I'm looking forward to turning 40. May have something to do with my level of fitness and the ease in which I was able to maintain a 10:30 min/mile on my run this morning. I felt I could have gone another 6.

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