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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A major thunderstorm hit last night so I did not post a new cartoon. A new cartoon will appear this evening.

I walked 7,237 steps/ 5.42 kilometers yesterday.

I slept very well last night despite the efforts of my mother-in-law, who slept over before her trip. She enjoys these trips and likes to get up very early and leave the house in plenty of time to get to the airport. This is not a major airport - this is a small regional airport. 30 minutes is more than adequate amount ot time to get to this airport and check in but she wants to make sure to have plenty of time in case of problems on the way to the airport. Problems such as a flat tire, getting pulled over by the police, an alien invasion and a second flat tire.

I slept through two phones ringing, the bird singing, my mother-in-law getting ready, my mother-in-law playing the gourd for 15 minutes, Walter and his mother leaving the house, and Walter coming back in. I was awakened by my alarm at 6:00 am. Walter was sleeping beside me. I asked him if he had come and gone and he related all the things that had gone on while I was sleeping. My mother-in-law did very well, much better than the previous trip. I sleep very heavily when I get to sleep and I am extremely cross when awakened before the designated time. Walter did a great job in getting that point across to his mother.

The weather outside is glorious. Quite a contrast to last night.

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