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Friday, December 02, 2005

The current count of children on the Radio MASH list is 4,760. Yesterday orders for over 500 children were filled. Over 300 orders have been picked up and on their way to the intended children.

We hit Big Lots twice. The local Big Lots is going out of business so everything is 20% off. They have a lot of good toys for a low price. We will probably clean them out by the end of the weekend.

First National Bank employees and members of the Bryan Police Department provided some great volunteer assistance.

The soldiers from the Texas Army National Guard are doing great this year. We are short on tents but everyone is handling it well.

Today, we will go for 1,000 orders.

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Carla from New Jersey said...

this comment has nothing to do with your blog, however, i do find your "fat jokes" comics to be extremely mean spirited and hurtful. why not add some "black jokes" or jokes about women while you're at it? the one that was particularly hurtful is the one depicting an overweight woman running a marathon. i was suprised - in my experience universalist-unitarians tend to be more "open minded" and compassionate than others. your "fat jokes" are demeaning, dehumanizing, and ignorant.