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Saturday, December 31, 2005

I'm ringing in the New Year with a cold. Thank God for Zicam, Nyquil and Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus.

This week I ran 21.14 miles, burned 2,569.1 calories and weigh 164.3 pounds.

Monday: 5K in 52:38 (walked this one because of a sore knee)
Wednesday: 5 miles in 53:50
Thursday: 5K in 36:15
Friday: 9 miles in 1:48:00

In 2005 I ran 916.31 miles and burned 110,972.4 calories.

Goofy spam subject lines. Yes, actual subject lines from my deleted items folder:
I beg, save our daughter
your private invitation Boris
Save hard working money (Lazy money can fend for itself)
This one will go crazy on Tuesday (Received this one 5 times. I wish I had the courage or stupidity to actually open these e-mails. I would like to know exactly who or what is going to go crazy on Tuesday so that I can make other plans. It is nice to have a warning about craziness. Too often it just appears unexpectantly.)
emeritus Get the favor with our fashion goods. pitman
Your woman wants a replica
Replica for you
Accept no inferiors. Our accessories are the best in in their field
Or want a hedgehog drub
your private invitation Darius
blutwurst Give the impression of being your greatest ans accessorize with our precious fashion must-haves. clasp
Linda The Comparison Is Eerie
Have you ever noticed (Why yes, I have noticed. I notice a lot)
(((((( CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WORN )))))) (Wow! I'm a worner!)
decorate avenue
The human pheromone exists, its a fact
Ranger Rick magazine: A roaring good time for kids (That doesn't describe the Ranger Rick magazine I remember)
Is someone on the phone
need a break from the rink as much
Unexampled futility for public 320 pewdom
slugabed doughy
the time fo your life is waiting for you (as seen on Dr phil)
hacienda cloudlet
negationist kerb
Ball C. Dibble
tom Paddy

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