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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I got a hair cut yesterday. The lady cutting my hair asked me four times if I was sure if I wanted it so short. I told her I would sign papers releasing her from any responsibility. My roots are gray and there was an obvious line and that was bothering me so I asked to have my hair cut at the gray line.

It is short and I have a lot more gray than I thought.

I spent the day reinstalling software on the church computer. Thanks to a boneheaded mistake, I have to open up the computer to correct the mistake. I hope that it works. Then I get to take the computer back and try to reinstall the DSL software. The stupid DSL software will not install if the monitor resolution is too low and since I did not have the monitor drivers I could not change the settings. It makes no sense that the DSL software is concerned about monitor resolution.

I hope God is forgiving and flexible in regards to certain sins. Otherwise, there will be several people who work on computers burning along with murderers, rapists and others. The concept of hell and God giving the same punishment to everyone I cannot accept. Man does not give the death penalty for every offense. I believe in God but not the conception that several ministers preach. It is an insult to God to say that he does things that man does not. God is greater than man.

Judaism says God is too big to name. God is too great for me to understand.

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