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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A few days ago I needed a good name for a school for the deaf, so I searched the web for patron saints. Thanks to Google, I hit pay dirt. The Catholics have a patron saint for just about everything. I find Catholicism fascinating - the saints, the rituals, the costumes. I understand why that religion is such a rich mine for comedy. Unitarian-Universalism does allow one to find their own truth and meaning and upholds the inherent worth and dignity of all people but when it comes to comedy, the mine does not yield much. Just some jokes about coffee.

Jokes about silly movements and chants in R.E. do not compare with jokes about scary nuns. UUs do not grow up to become comedians. It takes repressive dogma and stupid creeds and senseless rituals to mold a comedian.

Why does a cardinal upon becoming pope have to change his name? Joseph is a perfectly popey*(?) name. Why did he change it to Benedict? Is there an approved list? What if a cardinal's name is already on the approved list of pope names? Would he have to change it anyway?

There are funny things about Unitarian-Universalism but only to Unitarian-Universalists.

For the love of God, god, goddess, deity, non-deity, spirit, humanity, light, earth, cosmos, universe, wisdom, love, prophets, great teachers, soul and the undefinable thing, can't Unitarian-Universalists agree upon a shorter name for their religion!?!

Unitarian-Universalists agree - now that's funny.

*Trademark - Linda Causey 2005

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