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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Doing some random Blogger surfing before lunch and thought I would share some of the gems:

Life In Three Hills:
Includes a misplaced apostrophe in the profile name and writing in third person. This blog is new. It will grow and improve or someone will lose interest.

Something to Chew On: Interesting thoughts on a variety of topics.

Uhm, second time. Mostly mundane stuff, like my blog. Also has sleep issues. What is with all the Ford Explorer ads on the Google network?

First Priority - English A Merry Christmas from Singapore. Also a glimpse into the future. Entry date: Thursday, December 22. Date here in my part of the world: Wednesday, December 21.

Masonic Traveler Oo, Oo, Freemason fight! Freemason fight!

Finglish! A King Kong movie review and some Finnish.

Noble Cat Kitty pictures! The text is in Spanish but who cares, there are kitty pictures.


Jimbo said...

First thing's firs: Happy Christmas. Found your blog on technorati. How did you find my King Kong review anyway?! :)

Toonhead said...

I used the next blog button that appears on the top of the page of a lot of Blogger hosted blogs. I stopped and commented about ones that I found interesting. I found yours interesting. Merry Christmas to you.

Masonic Traveler said...

Hey, thanks for the notice. I figure someones gotta throw down, right?

Toonhead said...

Masonic Traveler - thanks for having a sense of humor. Your right, somebody has throw down.

Koshka said...

Noble Cat is about my two cats, Koshka and Kurika. And the text is not Spanish but Portuguese. Congratulations, your blog is very interesting.

Toonhead said...

Oh Jeez, I'm displaying my ignorance. Thanks for the correction and posting pictures of your cats.