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Sunday, December 18, 2005

This week I ran 39.9 miles, burned 4,638 calories and weigh 165.3 pounds.

Monday: 5 miles - 52:14
Wednesday: 9 miles - 1:43:39
Thursday: 5 miles - 56:00
Sunday: 20 miles - 4:00:00

Walter gave me a MP3 player for Christmas. I test drove it on my 20 mile run. The beat affects my speed. I sailed through mile 18 because of "Tank!" from the Cowboy BeBop soundtrack. Fortunately, KC and the Sunshine Band's, "Boogie Man" slowed me down enough to avoid a heart attack, then Perry Como's, "Papa Loves Mambo" brought me back to a non-heart-pounding pace.

I have 2.75 miles worth of music on the player. I need to get more. Time to do some conversion.
Why stop at Christmas? Put the Christ back into Christianity.

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