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Monday, May 05, 2008

Lunch - Cinco de Mayo

For lunch today, I gave Mother Earth the finger in the form of a South Beach Living Deli Ham & Turkey Wrap Sandwich Kit. Surprisingly it contained no sodium.
The aftermath:
The South Beach kits were bought for Walter but he found the wrap kits to be too messy to eat at his place of work. He works at a kiosk in the mall that does not have a microwave. He either has to brown bag it with food that does not need cooking or eat at the food court. He also eats store brand Lunchables.

I'm thinking about buying a Bento Box for him and purchasing the elements of a Lunchable separately.

The South Beach Wraps were pretty good, so I will just buy the elements separately and prepare lunch the evening before.

I welcome any recipe suggestions for portable meals that do not need heating. Walter hates tuna. He does have a cooler that he carries to work.

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