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Monday, May 05, 2008

OCD in the funnies

Dagwood only wears that to work. His weekend clothes are elsewhere. Are five pairs of the same shoes really necessary? Unless he plans on running an ultra-marathon in that get up and the shoes go up a half size I think one pair of shoes would be sufficient. Given Dagwood's other quirks I guess owning several pairs of the same style of shoes seems comparatively harmless.

I wonder about the extent of Dagwood's work clothing neuroses. Does Dagwood pitch a fit if the Monday shoes are placed under the Tuesday suit?

Dagwood: Blondie, the Wednesday bow tie is on the the Friday shirt!
Blondie: Dagwood, they are all the same.
Dagwood: No, they are not! You just refuse to see the differences! How many times do I have to show you? The Wednesday bow tie is a slightly lighter shade of red. And --- oh no! --- the Thursday pants are with Tuesday jacket! AHHHH!!!!!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder explains so much about Dagwood. The chronic tardiness, sleepiness, and the long baths. Blondie is a saint to be able to live with Dagwood for 75 years.

The History Channel has moved away from all Nazis, all the time. I think everyone has gotten the point about the Nazis - they were evil. That is the point of every Nazi documentary.

Now the History Channel is all dangerous jobs that kind of suck but pay pretty damn well. Deadliest Catch, Axe Men, and Ice Road Truckers. A show about how tough it is to live and work in Alaska will premier soon. Eventually the History Channel will take this to its logical conclusion - a show about the camera operators who film these people doing the dangerous, kind of sucky, well-compensated jobs. Call it Camera Men!

I will expect fair compensation and executive producer credit if this show ever becomes reality. I know a special has been done about camera operators in dangerous places but never an entire show. The whole thing will stretch to infinity until Discovery Networks collapses into itself.

At least I have an idea for a cartoon.

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