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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sucking Lice

I filmed a research seminar today. I film two tomorrow. It's been a busy week.

Because of today's filming I've learned more about sucking lice than I ever wanted to know.

According to the presenter's research, mammal parasites have evolved along with the mammals they feed on and we could learn a lot from this.

Also learned that humans have two species of sucking lice that feed on us while gorillas and chimpanzees only have one. The gorilla lice is related to human crab lice and the chimpanzee lice is related to human head lice.

We can learn a lot about the human past by studying our parasites and why the parasites chose us as hosts.

I itched a lot during this presentation. Interesting presentation but not for the very squeamish.

I have something to talk about during dinner with the in-laws.

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