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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sylvia and Baked Ziti

If this were a real t-shirt line, I would have my Christmas shopping finished very early.

Other warning t-shirts:

  • Easily offended
  • Incapable of looking at things from an other's point of view
  • Does not know how to extrapolate facts to other situations
  • Willfully retarded
  • Political and socio-economic views formed by Carlos Mencia
  • Does not retain information
  • Thinks it's unfair that only black people can use the n-word without negative repercussions
  • Pins responsibility for own feelings on you
  • Doesn't really want your opinion even if solicited
  • Only wants what is on the test
  • Won't STFU, ever
Feel free to play along in the comments.

Today's Lunch: HEB Classic Lean Selections Baked Ziti
The package:
The reality:
Reality looks a bit better than package. Canadians can prepare a mean frozen entree. Yay, Canada!

1 comment:

Chalicechick said...

(((Only wants what is on the test)))

CC sighs, grumbles almost inaudibly about the difficulties of law school, and pulls that one down from the rack.