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Friday, May 30, 2008

50 ways to leave your lover

According to Paul Simon, there are 50 ways to leave your lover and it looks like we will see all 50 in Mary Worth. In panel one is Mary using the throw pillow as a shield? Three days since Mary asked Jeff to leave. I thought my family had long goodbyes. Sheesh.

Since Jeff has not left yet, today's Kelrast rating is a 3.

Sonja should be grateful that the law prevents her children from simply killing her.
Last night, I attended my final meeting as a board member. June 1, I become a common member. All my Thursday nights will be free.

I received an earnings statement from my new title. I talked to Walter about the possibility of sharing the difference between my last check and the first check under the new title with the church in celebration. Our church has started a tradition of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with donations to the church. Two weeks ago, Walter and I gave a check for 14 dollars in celebration of our anniversary. We hope the checks will get bigger in the future. The synagogue from which this idea was taken also celebrate other occasions with donations - occasions such as receiving tenure. This is a big deal in a community with a big ass state university and the UU church has its share of academics. I wanted to make a donation in honor of my title change (not tenure - I'm not faculty) hoping others would follow. I've not told anyone of this idea besides Walter and you folks reading this blog. I received the new earnings statement and the difference is quite large. This is causing me to question my original idea. I'm grateful for the raise and new title and feel a certain amount of pressure to live up to it. It is easy to be generous in theory but practice is causing some anxiety. There are questions about class issues, sensitivity to people in less certain economic situations, and my motives. We are a generous congregation, is it really my place to spur more? I could just state that this is a donation in celebration of a job title I've wanted for a long time and not say anything else. I miss the book of joys and sorrows because some things are worth celebrating but not stating.

I will give but the how (public or private) and how much I will work out later.

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