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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh no she didn't!

Charterstone should hire this guy for the next pool party.
Oh yes she did! Mary pulls out the "saved your life" card. Mary did not donate body parts or fluid, she got on an airplane and then made some phone calls. Mary don't know anything about saving a life.

Bonus deflected backhand in second panel. Haven't seen this much action in Mary Worth since Dawn slapped Drew.

Today's strip could be the start of an interesting plot. Nobody hears from Mary for weeks. Jeff figures out who the person that Mary kept referring to prior to her disappearance. He finds Rich Amalfi, who explains that his brother Ron has some serious mental issues which were made worse by caring for their mother and her death. Jeff and Rich track down Ron and find that he is holding Mary hostage and "caring for her". Jeff and Rich rescue Mary. Jeff says to Mary, "Now that's saving a life and the effort is worth at least one blow job, you meddling biddy!"

I've invented a scale to measure the difference between the potential interest in a Mary Worth plot and what Karen Moy actually delivers. In honor of Aldo Kelrast, I named the units Kelrasts. If Karen Moy does deliver something similar to what I've described above then the plot would be 0 Kelrasts. If she delivers a lame apology from Jeff and allows Mary to continue her meddling without consequences then the plot would rate 10 Kelrasts. The Kelrast scale can go into negative numbers, especially if the term, 'blow job' appears in a Mary Worth strip, regardless of context - fellatio or landscaping.

Summary of the Kelrast Scale: the lower the number, the more interesting the plot.

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