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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Drama in the office. Yeehaw!

Friends, the television show sucks. I don't care about the fact the last episode is airing. No amount of hype can make me care.

I'm sitting at the desk of a shorter person. She has one of those below the desk keyboard platforms. It is nice and ergonomic for her but it is uncomfortable for me. Not really uncomfortable just a bit different. I like to be closer to the desk and this keyboard platform prevents me from doing so. I does keep my hands in a better position.

I still don't care about Friends. The damn story is even on the BBC World Service Radio.
Lynndie England is an embarrassment to the United States. Her actions have not only humiliated Iraqis but has further endangered the lives of other Americans in Iraq. She will claim that she was following orders or that she was not properly trained. How to treat other humans beings is training one gets before joining the army.

She is at Ft. Bragg because she is pregnant. Perhaps, she should have an abortion or have the baby taken away from her soon after birth.

She was not properly supervised will probably be another excuse. Since when does an adult need supervision when it comes to treating humans as humans? This is not surfing the web or playing computer games while the boss is away, this is about the proper treatment of other human beings.

What sort of dumbass takes pictures of themselves committing crimes? I guess the army has to take just about anyone willing to volunteer. With that policy one is bound to attract a few dumbasses.

All the people involved in the prisoner abuse should be punished and steps taken to make sure it does not happen again.

Would it have killed the president to say, "I'm sorry"? Speaking on Arabic television is a great first step but if I were president I would have learned the phrase, "I'm sorry about the abuse of prisoners in Iraq and I will make sure it does not happen again" in Arabic. The rest of the interview could be in English but at least learning enough Arabic to make an apology would have sent a really strong message.

I'm nobody so I can spout all the opinion I want without affecting anything.


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