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Saturday, May 22, 2004

This week I ran 11.50 miles, burned 1533.2 calories and weigh 168.8 pounds.

I cut my Friday run short to go to a X-Box Lan party. Halo is fun with 8 people playing. The capture the flag game was fun. The Warthog and Flag make great weapons. I ran over a few people with the Warthog and a friend killed a couple of people with the flag.

Walter is very gifted with the sniper rifle. A sniper rifle in a video game not a real sniper rifle. That comment is for Homeland Security. We are law abiding citizens that happen to partake in somewhat violent video games. That violence does not extend into the real world.

Protect your own damn children from violent video games. The games have ratings. Use them and firmly say no when your brat begs for the game. The majority of video gamers are adults. Deal with it.


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