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Thursday, May 13, 2004

There was a bit of nasty weather very early this morning. The dogs were not happy. Rusty slept in the bathroom and the Bassets slept in the garage. Salvador rearranged his cage.

Salvador remodels quite a bit. He also knows quite a few showtunes and spends a lot of time looking at his reflection and preening. He especially likes looking at his relfection in the toaster. He even climbs on top of the toaster to look for his good looking friend. The toaster is covered when not in use. Burned bird turd emits a nasty smell. It also screws up the flavor of pop-tarts. I only know about the flavor distortion of pop-tarts secondhand. I prefer my pop-tarts untoasted.

Everyone made it through the storm. One of our trees lost a large branch and the streets are not fully drained. Less than a mile from the house a tree was uprooted and road signs were mangled. It looked like the work of a downburst.

A downburst is where a stong wind stomps on the ground damaging your trailer. A tornado is a strong wind that whirls and forms a funnel and rips apart your trailer. Either way, a trailer has been lost.

Oddly enough, the trailer next to the house with the uprooted tree and mangled road signs appeared to be undamaged.

It is still dark and the street lights are still on. I saw some automatic sprinkler systems running. I guess 5 to 8 inches of rain was not enough.

It is very gray and depressing outside. It intensifies the flourescent lighting in my office.


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