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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Spam names and Zen Koans of the day:
Confectioner C. Placer
Politicized R. Figging - RE:Lac you have one new message from angel was
Ileen, Never confuse motion with action.
Just Release: SNNW Expected To Explode. sparse
Big Profits Tuesday For SNNW adjoin
Get SNNW Tuesday For Big GAins saturate
Tired Of Losing Trades? Get SNNW Tuesday co
alameda arteriolosclerosis sheridan floc
Emotional Stability - 67% Improvement
Be a mighty warrior in bed Cmm - cigar widows
Welcome to the Drunk Y0gung world bright drosphila

This is actually two days worth. I don't know what SNNW is but it must be a crappy product if it has to resort to spam.

The spam has also lowered expectations. Imagine a product being advertised that only claims 67% improvement, especially a product claiming to provide emotional stability.

"Oh, she is only 33% psycho bitch thanks to this emotional stability product!"

67% improvement.

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