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Monday, May 03, 2004

This past weekend I've been experiencing synchronous moments.

I've never thought about Alexander Hamilton before. After thinking about him, a book about him appears on the Barnes and Noble website. I went there to update my affiliate links.

I ranted about the EID stamp and then I see an article about the designer of that stamp in this month's Psychology Today. What led to the rant was a forwarded e-mail that I received. The e-mail was full of stupid statements. Muslims have committed acts of terrorism. So have Christians, Jews, pagans and athiests. The designer of the stamp is repelled by the extremism in Islam today. He even avoids Mosques because they have become too political. His son has walked away from the religion because of the extremism. I don't think this is what the prophets wanted.

Religion is a paradox. A source of great beauty and inspiration and a source of great violence and ignorance.

May all beings be safe.
May all beings live at ease.
May all beings be free.
May all beings have good health.
May all beings be.

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