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Thursday, October 06, 2005

All morning I've been experiencing physical signs of nervousness. My heart is beating faster than usual and I have to take a few minutes to take some deep breaths. There is no reason for this.

I did not sleep too well last night. Hot - remove blanket. Cold - add blanket. Hot - remove blanket and sheet. Cold - add sheet. Still cold - add blanket. Legs sweating and itching - remove blanket and sheet and scratch. Try to calm down. Snoring sounds. Poke Walter. Shoulders and arms cold - add sheet. Legs hot - remove sheet, wrap blanket around shoulders. Think calming thoughts. Calming thoughts interupted by snoring. Poke Walter again. Cold - add sheet. Damn alarm goes off. Hit snooze - cuddle next to Walter. Alarm goes off again - shut it off and sleep for another 20 minutes. Wake up - feed Lola - fix breakfast - watch Headline News - tell Walter that tropical storm Tammy's center of swirl is in Albany, Georgia.

Tammy is such a classic white trash name - a perfect name for a tropical storm hitting Georgia. Tammy is a great name for a storm that has a chance to hit the southern United States. Tammy will get reused since this year's Tammy is such a wimpy storm. Every hack comedian is salivating at the prospect of a storm named Tammy devastating the Gulf Coast. Despite living in the potential zone of destruction I can appreciate the humor. If Tammy is retired she should be replaced with Tanya.

Got dressed. Decided that I don't like my gray slacks - wear black slacks instead. Choose to wear the Patrick and SpongeBob watch.

Walter informed me that my body was radiating heat last night.

I still feel tired. My heart is not beating as fast but I still need to take breaks to breathe deeply.

Not every Tammy is a redneck. I know this. So do the non-redneck Tammys of the world. I enjoy some the music of Tammy Wynette and I think Tammy Faye Messner (formerly Baker) is one of the few public examples of a good Christian (seriously - I should elaborate some time).

Okay, maybe those are not the best examples of great Tammys of the world but I'm sure there is a Tammy out there researching a cure for a disease perhaps even synthesizing a vaccine for bird flu. God bless you, non-redneck, research scientist Tammy! I love you!

I need to get some sleep.

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