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Monday, October 24, 2005

I ran 3.3 miles with Masey. She did well and I think I will let her run with me during the 5K.

The court could not seat a jury because too many potential jurors were struck for cause. We were dismissed by 10:30 am.

Today is the first day of early voting on constitutional amendments in Texas and since I was at the courthouse already, I went to the polling place and cast my ballot.

A particularly stupid amendment is a so-called "anti-gay marriage" amendment. I voted against it because putting discrimination in the state constitution is not right. The amendment is so sloppily worded that it could be interpreted to ban all marriages in the state of Texas.

Language of the amendment:
"The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage."

Brief ExplanationHJR 6 would provide that marriage in Texas is solely the union of a man and woman, and that the state and its political subdivisions could not create or recognize any legal status identical to or similar to marriage, including such legal status relationships created outside of Texas.

Defines marriage then prohibits the state from creating or recognizing it. Or at least it could be interpreted that way.

Read the rest of the amendments here:

The Texas state constitution is majorly FUBARed. Check out this constitutional amendment that I got to vote for or against:

"The constitutional amendment providing for the clearing of land titles by relinquishing and releasing any state claim to sovereign ownership or title to interest in certain land in Upshur County and in Smith County."

I live in Brazos County which is nowhere near Upshur or Smith County yet I have a voice in the clearing of land titles in certain land. I don't give a rat's ass was not an option on the ballot. I voted for it for no good reason other than the thrill of possessing the power to affect the fate of land in two Texas counties. Bwah-ha-ha!

I enjoyed the Ramadan dinner.

After dinner I realized why I don't like interacting with the progressive community in Brazos County. I agree with most of the causes but my interactions with the people have been less than positive. I cannot make a joke without a rant or recitation in response. I just want a laugh - that is all.

Maybe someone should tell them that their causes and intentions are good but many individuals are unpleasant to interact with. It could help advance their agenda if they would lighten up a bit. Work to improve things but be able to see the humor in it.

It could be my lot in life to only meet and interact with the unpleasant elements in the progressive community. Perhaps the pleasant elements don't get invited to the same events that I get invited to.

There is the possibility that my jokes are not funny. Most of these people listen to Garrison Kiellor for laughs.

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