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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Some thoughts on cartoons:
Tom Goes to the Mayor sucks. It will not grow on me.
BoBo Bobobobo is an acid trip without the annoying side effects. I can feel synapses fusing together.
I'm looking forward to The Boondocks.
SeaLab 2021 - hilarious.
Squidbillies - the bits I've seen were quite amusing.
The Venture Brothers - I want more!
I'm glad to see Mission Hill and The Oblongs on USA. So many good cartoons on Adult Swim that another network was necessary to hold them all.
I want to sleep with Harvey Birdman, his wings would be nice and warm. Gary Cole is the coolest actor of all time.

I miss the old men in Speedos.

I like looking at old men in Speedos. There is no more vanity - they just want to swim - aesthetic sensibilities of others be damned. It is not the look that I find interesting, it is the attitude.

I'm told that the old men in Speedos are quite scary and uninhibited in the locker room. Fortunately, I'm a woman and am spared that horror.

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