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Friday, October 28, 2005

I over-cuddled this morning. The country music station that I have set as my alarm starts their broadcast day with a different rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner". It was a female vocalist this morning. I'm usually awakened at the "dawn's early light" and hit the snooze before anyone can get to the "rocket's red glare".

I could not work the snooze button the second time around so I hit off (anything to stop the damn country music) and cuddled with Walter until after 7:00 am.

During that time I had a strange dream. In this dream I had a cold therefore could not go to work but was healthy enough to visit Walter's aunt, cousin and mother. We made it to someone's house and after my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room I saw that my father and step-mother and my brother and his wife were there. We went to the kitchen and dining room - talked about mundane things and tried various remedies for my cold.

Then robots came and started destroying every man-made object in the house, when they finished the house they moved on to the rest of town. The run off from the destruction caused by the robots flowed toward the town library which had a bell tower. This caused the bell tower to launch like a rocket. The launch led to the destruction of the town. The bell tower rocket landed on top a NASA launch pad merging with the rocket that NASA had on the pad.

The merged rocket took off and landed over the horizon. When it landed it set off a chain reaction of explosions. The series of explosions worked their way toward the launch pad and burned everything - people, buildings, trees. All that was left was skeletons of buildings.

It was not too disturbing because it looked like a cartoon.

The robots dismantled themselves.

I woke up and wondered what is the connection between visiting relatives and robot induced apocalypse?

I hope my subconscious was successful at working out whatever it needed to work out. I don't need any of this intruding on to my conscious life.

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